We play in band called Passion Pit. Ayad handles synths and samples (with occasional percussion and shouts) whilst Jeff duties on bass guitar and bass synth (while often swaying bells).

Together we DJ under Passion Pit DJs and also the Wet Bandits. We also have a series of parties called "The Wet Bandits Present" which involves a few bands playing a show and then us DJing into the night.
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    24th April 2010

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    The Wet Bandits Presents : Cinco de Mayo

    We are stoked to be back in Boston on May 5th to do our first Wet Bandits Presents show at our favorite place ever - The Great Scott.

    I used to live round the corner from the Great Scott, spent many years drinking there. Not to mention Our earliest Passion Pit shows and EP release Partys. Love that place.

    And we have a stellar line-up.


    Magic Magic

    The Royalty

    DOM has some amazing music. Too good. Can’t wait to see him live. Watch out.

    Magic Magic are Boston veterans, we had the pleasure of playing with the at our House of Blues show. Can’t get enough of their music.

    The Royalty have some solid tracks and are another solid representation of good music in Boston.

    AND to top off the night, The Wet Bandits will be playing so dance music to everyone wasted on Corona and Tequila.

    Its going to be the best.

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